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CoinCoinX University is your platform for virtual education in cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology.

CU is made up of people who are passionate about the crypto world. We have learned as we go, we have surfed good waves and bad waves, we have won and we have lost, but from all of them, we have learned. Today we want to make our experience and learning available to you, to accompany you in this vast digital world and make your way easier.

We want to impart knowledge about the digital world to more people, and for them to enjoy its advantages and benefits.

together with us take the first step to the digital world.

we are offering?

CoinCoinX is a Cryptoactive exchange house.

Thus allowing the purchase of cryptocurrencies with Bolívares and / or currencies.


An automated trading experience for all levels, simple and advanced. That allows you to buy and sell cryptocurrencies.


The best way to have access to large amounts of cryptocurrencies.


Exchange cryptocurrencies for USD in cash and request a cash withdrawal at a bank branch.


An alternative to pay your employees with cryptocurrencies.


Send funds to your family and friends!


Adquiere tus giftcards favoritas con cualquier criptomoneda a través de tu cuenta de coincoinx en nuestro sitio web.

Cripto save

Earn returns for saving USDT stablecoin safely and easily through our platform.

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Learn to buy cryptocurrencies fast and easy!

With our tutorials you will learn how simple it is, you just have to select the video you want to see and press play when it is viewed large.

About Us

We are committed to offering the best technology and the lowest commissions in the market. Providing you with a fast and effective exchange experience to protect your capital.

We have proven experience in large national and international mining, blockchain technology, traditional financial services, insurance industry, business structuring and development of technological platforms.

CoinCoinX It has highly qualified personnel in the financial and compliance field, in order to be transparent and ethical in our operations, thus guaranteeing a high sense of responsibility and professionalism, in order to generate trust in society and our clients.


Learn about the commissions related to the different possible transactions in CoinCoinX, as well as the hours of operation, minimum amounts, times associated with each procedure available on the portal.

Schedule Crypto Deposit Crypto Withdrawal Buy or Sell
24 hours 24 hours 24 hours
Crypto Commissions Deposit Retirement Buy or Sell
Free Mining Commission* 0.1%
(*) Miner Commission: Small amounts of commission, given as initiatives to miners and their operators for confirming transactions through the Blockchain.
Commissions Deposits / Withdrawals USD by Bank Transfer Abroad Deposit Withdrawal
1.5% 1.5%
Minimum Deposit USD Minimum withdrawal USD
Deposit by transfer to our accounts. USD 5,000 USD 5,000
Only available for legal entities.
Commissions Deposits / Withdrawals USD in Cash in Venezuela Deposit Withdrawal
2.5% 1%
There are no minimums for deposits Minimum for withdrawals USD 20
Commissions Deposits / Withdrawals CoinPago Deposit Withdrawal
2.5% 0%
Giftcard Commissions 6% of the amount to buy.

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